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Directed by Joshua Bowen and Liam Gainer

4 min. Thriller. While approaching his car, a

teenager notices a dark figure imitating his movements.

(This film is in block-1)

The SkunkApe

Directed by Renee Jordan

15 min. Comedy/Adventure. Bigfoot hunters Donny Jones and Skeeter find more than a Bigfoot in the swamps of Northwest Florida. Facebook.        (This film is in block-1)

Winner: Best Costumes

Bigfoot Bros.

Directed by Austin Griffin

2 min. Adventure/comedy. Bobby and

Tommy try to get to the heart of Mikey’s Bigfoot story.

(This film is in Block-1)

Reach Out

Directed by Gio Oosthusen

1 min. PSA. High School students face mental health challenges that can lead to anxiety, academic fatigue, suicide ideations, and other issues. This video helps them find help with counselors, or other professionals at their site or in their community.

(This film is in Block-1)

Getting Through

Directed by Mason Beck

13 min. Drama. Vee (Joanna Ferbrache), a deaf woman, feels her life's mishaps and mistakes are due to her inability to hear. Her boyfriend Aiden (Cory Kays) does his best to communicate with her and show her the truth of how he feels. Facebook.

(This film is in Block-1)


Directed by Casey Glazer

5 min. Drama. From across the bar, a man watches people hit a boxing machine looking to get into his first fight.

(This film is in Block-1)

Winner: Best Stunts

The Honey War

Directed by Dick DeAngelis

3 min. Documentary. look at a crazy piece of Iowa history. In the 1830's, "The Honey War", a boundary dispute between Iowa and Missouri, didn't end in bloodshed. But it almost did! An animated three minute doc by filmmaker Dick DeAngelis with drawings by classic TV and film animator Bonita Versh. Website.

(This film is in Block-1)

Plastic Pollution

Directed by Brian Hall

:30. PSA. A press conference is disrupted by a plastic bag.


(This film is in Block-2) Winner: Best PSA


Directed by Jeff Paschal

15 min. Adventure. Two fitness experts cope with the end of the world by broadcasting an exercise program out to any possible survivors.  (This film is in Block-2)

Winner: Best Short

Kurt Got Hurt

Directed by Greg St.Pierre

3 min. Comedy. A man has trouble fitting in at an office where workers communicate only by rhyme. IMDB

(This film is in Block-2)

The Hitmen (trailer)

Directed by Anthony N. Galizia Sr.

4 min. Trailer. After carrying out a hit for their boss, Hitmen Carlo and Vic find themselves unintentionally in the care of their boss’ baby. Having no parenting skills, or baby care experience, the fumbling duo must somehow get the baby back to its home safely without their boss finding out. Facebook.

(This film is in Block-2) Winner: Best Trailer

Vanished in Ohio

Directed by B.R.Tatalovic and Deborah Ochwat

14 min. Documentary. "Vanished in Ohio" explores the problem of missing women in, sex trafficking and mainstream media coverage.  (This film is in Block-2)

Winner: Best Documentary

Specimen 7

Directed by Olivia Rosello Mercurio

4 min. Animated. Living on an alien planet, is a tiny aquatic creature. It’s peaceful life is interrupted when a mysterious spaceship lands on its world and it meets an astronaut.

(This film is in Block 2)

Reginald The Flying Llama

Directed by Lauren Richmond

2 min. Animated. A llama named Reginald has dreams that are sky high, because all he wants is to be able to fly. Will Reginald be able to take flight or is he destined to live out his life on land?

(This film is in Block-3)

The One You Want

Directed by Bryan T Bostic

11 min. Drama. Harvey Cook started his day with a brisk morning run and ended up the prime suspect of a high profile kidnapping. With no witnesses to back his story, Harvey could end up doing time. Website

(This film is in Block-3) Winner: Best Drama

Road Friend

Directed by Aleksei Borovikov

2 min.  Commercial. A truck driver loses his beloved dog and gets a puppy as a Christmas gift, which becomes his new best friend.  (This film is in Block-3)

Pins and Needles

Directed by Kyle Marra

10 minutes. Thriller. A young musician finds herself alone in a parking garage trapped in a game of cat and mouse against a faceless stalker.   (This film is in Block-3)

Cameras Rolling (trailer)

Directed by Laura Poindexter

3 min. Cameras Rolling is an exploratory documentary that chronicles an independent filmmaker's journey through failed projects and her ability to forge ahead and still make a movie. When the industry gives you lemons, make a documentary; “CAMERAS ROLLING”   (This film is in Block-3)

Birthday Party

Directed by Dale Metz and Sarah Lee Dobbs

15 min. Drama. A sailing excursion to celebrate a teen's birthday ends with challenges no one could have anticipated. Website.

(This film is in Block-3) Winner: Best Screenplay

Choose Life

Directed by William Youngquist

2 min. PSA. Fentanyl is a growing problem.

(This film is in Block-4)

Her Motive

Directed by Kyle Stocking

12 min. Thriller. A housesitter receives a mysterious package in the mail, all before having her life threatened by the disguised perpetrator who originally stole its contents.

(This film is in Block-4) Winner: Best Thriller

Stick To Manual

Directed by Christian Antonini and Tanice Arnold

8 min. Animated. When a curious robot finds a seemingly worthless book, he discovers that the knowledge within is truly priceless.   (This film is in Block-4) Winner: Best Animation

Dual Enrolled

Directed by Isaac Alongi and Victoria Sheehan

13 min. Documentry. The demands and commitment that is required of equestrian student-athletes as they compete at one of the most notable horse shows in the world- while still maintaining academic success. Website.

(This film is in Block-4) Winner: Best Cinematography

Marriage Fit

Directed by Rob DiNinni and Jeffrey Palmer

14 min. Comedy. A disconnected couple is alerted their marriage has three years remaining which sets in motion an artificial intelligence (AI) mobile app to reconnect the relationship puzzle pieces that truly make us human.

(This film is in block 4) Winner: Best Comedy

VooDooSH - "Some Heroes"

Directed by Sergio Mishchenko

1 min. Trailer. Heroes of Might and Magic III streamer.

(This film is in Block-4)

Ghosts Don't Wear Name Tags

Filmed in Palm Bay.

Mystery/Drama. Based on the short story "Afterward", by Edith Wharton. Mary and Ted Boyle are fans of the supernatural. They are successful in buying a decaying mansion, which boasts its own ghost. But they are not as successful in determining the identity of the ghost. Website

(This film is in Block-5)

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